Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Paint for a 1969 Honda SL350

This is a super-cool little bike owned by a buddy in Montana who's a former MX racer from "back in the day".  These tins were in fantastic condition and really just the paint was all faded out.  He is building the bike to be rce-ready... no headlight or other lights whatsoever.  Hell, he lives in Montana so who is really gonna bitch about it, right?  After some VERY modest bodywork to repair some small dings, I painted it with a mix of HOK Orion Silver and Galaxy gray, sprayed Lil Daddy Roth Surfite Silver flake, then three coats of HOK Kandy Cobalt Blue mixed at a very modest 10%.  Next will be stenciling of the OEM "HONDA" on the sides and the OEM stripe on the sides of the tank... all rendeered in white.  Clearcoat and done!

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