Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fresh Machining Work

This is a set of 39mm fork legs that I shaved off the fender mounts and turned them on the lathe for a client out in Colorado.  And a custom-saved steering stem for a Harley Sprint flat-track racing bike for a different guy out in Colorado.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is how stuff gets down at around 1:00am in my humble paint shop!

Initial layout for another wild retro-70's deal for a chopper client in Connecticut.  Gonna be lots of Kandy Green, Silver, Silver Flake, maybe some Gold & Aqua.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thomas Put His XS650 Back Together... VERY nice

I painted this XS650 (actually, I believe it's now a 700) for Thomas down in "Big D" (Dallas) and the paint came out superb.  Which is good, because his scoot is freakin' all bizness!

1992 Sporty That I Put Together a Few Years Ago

This is a '92 Sporty 883/1200 conversion bike that I bought about three years ago, modded & painted, half-heartedly put it up for sale, and finally sold it last Fall to Mark.  I am so happy that I sold this little bobber-style ride to Mark... he simply loves it.  This bike sat & sat in my shop for 2+ years as I could not decide what to do with it.  The S&S carb began to leak, it would not start, and I sold it to Mark last Fall for a a very good price and he had a buddy rebuild the carb and tune it up and she is running like a champ now.  BTW, I just love the wheels... so unique... and I've been told they are very early PMD's but I cannot confirm it.

New Paint for Cabe... Simple But Cool

Oooooo... shiny!

Cabe is building a bare-knuckles brawler Sporty with that Cafe Racer flavor.