Thursday, August 23, 2012

Returned From Riding at the "Tail of the Dragon"

I had an opportunity to travel to Eastern Tennessee and ride my hardtailed, kick-only '71 Sportster chopper with a whole group of my QCB compatriots.  What a great trip and what an incredible piece of road... cannot wait to return there just as soon as possible!  Here are a few pics of me riding....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Custom-painted Helmet for Seth

Custom-painted this helmet for a semi-local college dude named Seth.  This helmet was flat-black and he could not stand all the tiny "shiny spots" caused by the bugs bouncing off his lid.  He recently picked up a 1990's red, white and blue Kawi sport-bike, sp we went with more a bold, racing type of look for this helmet.  The white is pretty cool because it's Pearl White (HOK Base White over-shot with HOK silver dry pearl flake).

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Put my '71 Ironhead chop in a local Bike Show yesterday

It is part of the annual weekend festival in my tiny town of Doylestown Ohio, called "The Rogues' Hollow Festival". There were 100 to 150 bikes on-hand... nothing much similar to mine. I won the "People's Choice Award". The interesting thing to me was the wide cross-section of guys interested in looking at my little garage-built chop and chatting me up about it... young dudes in their teens/20's, middle-aged guys like me, and old greybeards.

Here is a half-assed pic of my chop sitting... so damned lazy that I just shot this pic when I arrived and while sitting on my ass on the curb.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wow... check out this V-Rod in my shop

I got the call from Theresa last week informing me this V-Rod, ordered by her husband, Ron, had arrived at the stealership. Ron contacted me a couple months ago about having me do some mods to his new bike when it arrived. He definitely wants some as-yet-to-be-determined paintwork, possibly change wheels/tires, possibly swap pipes, a/c, etc. Fortunately, he will be home for two weeks in September as part of being transferred from from serving in Afganistan to Japan.

I met Theresa at the stealership and she was closing the financial deal.  I loaded the 10th Anniversary V-Rod onto my trailer, brought it 20 miles home to my shop, and slipped it into my shop with whopping 6 miles on the odo. I will just throw a cover over it and wait for Ron's visit... unless he hits me up via e-mail about some mods to begin. It's a sharp-looking bike, albeit not exactly my style, and I bet that it is capable of running crazy-fast!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This Alien Tank Is En Route to Anthony In Maine

Good luck in that local Bike Show this weekend, Anthony!  This is one of my favorites already... the black & grey thing is very sweet.