Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wow... check out this V-Rod in my shop

I got the call from Theresa last week informing me this V-Rod, ordered by her husband, Ron, had arrived at the stealership. Ron contacted me a couple months ago about having me do some mods to his new bike when it arrived. He definitely wants some as-yet-to-be-determined paintwork, possibly change wheels/tires, possibly swap pipes, a/c, etc. Fortunately, he will be home for two weeks in September as part of being transferred from from serving in Afganistan to Japan.

I met Theresa at the stealership and she was closing the financial deal.  I loaded the 10th Anniversary V-Rod onto my trailer, brought it 20 miles home to my shop, and slipped it into my shop with whopping 6 miles on the odo. I will just throw a cover over it and wait for Ron's visit... unless he hits me up via e-mail about some mods to begin. It's a sharp-looking bike, albeit not exactly my style, and I bet that it is capable of running crazy-fast!

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