Friday, June 22, 2012


Damn, I love this stuff!  This tank became a bit of a "Rush Job" for very pleasant, yet unforeseeaable reasons.  Anything with HOK Kandy Organic Green and fish-scales is gonna be freakin' rockin'!


  1. The fish scales look awesome. Any tips for doing them on a DIY paint job?

    1. Thanks for the props! The only way to really lay down proper-looking fish-scales is to have accessto, and just a little bit of practice with, and airbrush. I can never find just the right stencil for the fish-scales, so I typically just cut my own out of a piece of acetate or mylar, but you can even use a piece of semi-rigid cardboard such as a cut-up cereal box. The the airbrush is critical for being able to lay down a small quantity of paint directed right around the edge of the stencil... which would seem to be very dificult to do using any sort of rattle-can. If you have any other questions, send me a response or e-mail me at "".